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Census US

from the website:

What’s all this?

This is a map of every person counted by the 2010 US and 2011 Canadian censuses. The map has 341,817,095 dots – one for each person.


I wanted an image of human settlement patterns unmediated by proxies like city boundaries, arterial roads, state lines, &c. Also, it was an interesting challenge.

I don’t see dots. I see smudges.

The dots are very small. Try zooming in.

Nobody lives in Central Park/Pier 12/County Lockup/Abandoned Themepark.

The census reported that someone lived there.

This says someone lives in the middle of a lake.

The census reported that someone lives in a block which includes a lake, and that’s where their dot was randomly placed. Also, some people live in the middle of lakes.

Also, even though the author wanted to see settlement trends without boundaries, it’s helpful to use them to find yourself. Turn them on in the upper right corner. Click either map to see the whole site.