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This is kind of a lie. I finished this about two weeks ago, but I wanted to start this section off, so I’m starting with a BIG IMPORTANT BOOK. Because I sometimes read trashy fiction and bios.

imgTeam of Rivals- The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln4

What’s it about?

Lincoln. Duh…

No, really….

It’s about Lincoln, starting in his childhood and going through to his assassination. It’s detailed, richly so. It’s long, but it’s never boring. Goodwin writes using a lot of sourced quotes (all in the bibliography in the back) so it’s less reading ABOUT Lincoln and more like hanging WITH Lincoln. Who, BTW, was a much funnier and cooler guy than he has been given credit for. It’s like a trip back to the 1860’s.

Is it like the movie?

No. I read it because I loved the movie, and the part of the book that the movie is based on is about 7 pages. This is sprawling and will take some time, but the payoff is huge.

How many vampires does he kill?

None. Wrong movie. Lincoln doesn’t sparkle either.

So how was it?

Awesome. 9.5/10. It’s looong, but worth your time. I’d go eBook on this if you can just because of weight. It’s a doorstop.