If you’re under 35, you’ve never heard of My Bloody Valentine.

MBV was/is the brainchild of Kevin Shields, who almost bankrupted his record company recording 1991’s Loveless. Loveless has become iconic, almost a sacred cow among the Gen X’ers. It’s all a study in contrasts. Waves upon waves of guitar noise, so processed that you’re not even sure what you’re hearing, crash over the dynamite blasts of drums. Above it all is Bilinda Butcher’s ethereal voice, like a disembodied soul reconnecting.

This is shoegaze. It’s like Nirvana, The Pixies and the Cure were in a massive pile-up. You either love it or hate it.

Despite the name, they’re not a metal band. They took the name from a 1981 horror movie.

MBV disappeared after Loveless. They toured in 2008 and promises of a follow-up have swirled for years.

And then it dropped. Saturday night, out of nowhere, it hit the internet. It’s called MBV, and it’s good. Listen to the new tracks here.

Here are two tracks from Loveless:
To Here Knows When (live in Japan in 2008)

and the single (if you can call it that), Only Shallow