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Scene: Youth in Government at Keystone College

Following a session on the media’s role in government, WBRE-TV I-team reporter @andymehalshick – a great storyteller, by the way – interviewed Gavin, asking about the effect of corruption scandals on young adult’s feelings about government service.

Gavin’s answer was awesome (if not a bit of a filibuster). His forum question brought his accent to Andy’s attention and got him welcomed to America. It was like a scene out of Borat, given that Gavin has been in America for over a decade. Aside from the FCR people in the room, no one else understood why Andy’s heartfelt greeting was so funny. He seems to have acclimated to our strange customs.

While that’s an awesome picture, as is this, I like this one better: Gavin giving Andy some side eye.

Later, we cornered former Scranton Mayor James Barrett McNulty for a picture. He’s an incredibly gracious personality and hasn’t missed a chance to get in front of a camera in the last 40 years.

Could he run for something again? Plz.
FCR with JBM