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from Gawker:

You are looking at, more or less, a portrait of the internet over an average 24 hours in 2012—higher usage in yellows and reds; lower in greens and blues—created by an anonymous researcher for the “Internet Census 2012” project.

This is doubtlessly interesting and also highly illegal, as it was done by creating a botnet – essentially a half-million hacked computers.

Read the Gawker article here and the full report here.

It also contains a map showing all of the reachable computers in the world. Note where technology has penetrated, and where it has not.

Overlay the map of reachable computers with this one from NASA showing the lights of Earth. It doesn’t correspond to population density as much as it does to wealth. It takes money to put in electric service.

Here’s where the people of Earth live.

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