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I went to see The Great Gatsby on Saturday and it was… well… great. The movie choice wasn’t my idea, and so while I was ‘meh’ going in, I loved it. It was visually beautiful, the story was excellent and DiCaprio… I’m comfortable saying it – he’s a beautiful man. And a great actor.

See it on the big screen.

Normaly, my favorite part of going to the movies are the trailers. These didn’t disappoint; 3 out 4 of them had me hooked.

George Clooney in Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who did the Top Five Ever film Children of Men

Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips, based on the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama and their rescue by SEAL Team Six

Lastly, and this is awesome, Joss Whedon (Buffy, Avengers, this) directed a modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, using original Shakespeare dialogue but stripping away all of the 16th century trappings. Shot over 12 days in Whedon’s house.

Too cool.

Movies, he(ck) yeah.