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Ryan Howard has a torn meniscus and is out until (late) August. Not that they’re going to miss him, he’s been just this side of terrible for the last two years.

Luckily for him, he signed a 5 year extension for $125 million TWO YEARS before it was due.

I want to remain on the record as saying – THREE YEARS AGO in 2010 when the extension was signed – that signing him through 2016 was a STUPID IDEA.

To reiterate, they signed him in April 2010 for the contract years of 2012 through 2016. He then got hurt in the middle of 2010 and blew out his Achilles on the last play of the 2011 playoff run.

NOW, he’s out again and with him out, the perception is that this season is dead and that the team is going to deal away the core, including C Carlos Ruiz and (greatest ever) 2B Chase Utley, along with P Cliff Lee.

Great. Just great. Utley and Ruiz should wear red stripes for their entire careers. they’ll both probably end up on the Yankees.

Look at this picture… that’s not his Achilles that snapped, it’s the chance of another World Series run, blown out by his bloated contract.