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Even though it might not look like much when it’s so far away, the Moon is pretty huge. In fact, if it was a little closer—as close as the ISS for example—it would monopolize the entire sky.

Yetipc1, apparently a serious astronomy nerd, took the liberty of figuring out what it would look like if ol’ Luna was a mere 270 miles out, instead of the 238,855 miles it actually is. Suffice it to say it looks a bit…different. Destiny, anyone?

Yetipc1 explains some of the trickier details in the video’s description:

Normally the Moon orbits much slower than the earth rotates so it rises in the east and sets in the west, however at 420km it orbits much faster, faster than the earth rotates underneath, therefore it will rise in the west and set in the east.

The Moon would orbit very fast, somewhere between 130 mins and 90 mins.

The time in the video is sped up. The moon would transverse the sky slower. Like 10 mins (rough guess)

Where this gets really good -and horribly frightening- is the comments section. One sample:

    Video is missing some of the side effects of having the Moon orbit Earth that closely. To mention a few that come to mind:

    Tides and an equatorial tidal bore like you wouldn’t believe. In fact I’d say that the only stable land would be on the Poles as you’d have an equatorial ring ocean with attendant storm systems.

    Tidal stresses on both Earth and the Moon would result in a far more active Geology for both bodies. Quakes and volcanoes galore. Think of Io as an example of this.

    The moon would probably have an atmosphere of it’s own. So surface might not be the same color as currently is. I suspect a redder color than is currently the case due to oxides as well as polar icecaps.

    Earth’s biological diversity would be very different given the obstacle for northern and southern hemisphere land animals to spread to other hemisphere
    I would expect both hemispheres to have drastically different ecosystems.

    You might have some avian animals in common between hemispheres but most likely belonging to drastically different lineages.

That we’re even able to inhabit this planet is pretty amazing. How’s about we stop actively trying to kill it, mmm’kay?