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Do you want to know how infinitesimally small you are? The moon in this image (actually a Java app) is one pixel wide. Using the side scroll on your mouse or your trackpad, you can travel from the sun to Pluto.

This is in km, but for those of us who are metrically-challenged, each pixel is 2159 miles – the distance from New York City to Phoenix, AZ.**

What will you notice? All of that empty space (occasionally filled with puns on the page). The trip from the sum to Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars isn’t that long. But from there….

This is worth your time.


** BTW – if this were changed so that one pixel equaled the width of YOU, the distances would have to be increased 5.7 million times. Why? You’re about 2 feet wide (give or take), so it would take the width of 2640 people to equal one mile. Since one pixel equals 2159 miles, you’d have to line up 5.7 million people shoulder-to-shoulder to cover that distance.

Yeah, I know.