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I dislike both teams playing on Super Sunday.  I came up with a ratings system to help me with my choices.

Belichick and Carroll are both asshats. – 1 each

But Belichick is an evil genius, whereas Carroll is just slimy. +1 New England

Russell Wilson seems to be a good guy. +1 Seattle

…who blamed God for making his receivers miss catches so He could make it more dramatic later -1 Seattle

Tom Brady would be more fun to hang out with +1 New England

…though, based on his Deflate-gate presser, he might lose a game of Jeopardy! to a red Solo cup -0.5 New England

The 12th Man thing has gotten old. -1 Seattle

There are huge swaths of Boston that can’t count to 12 -1 New England

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam raised the 12th Man flag +1 Seattle

… only because Jimi Hendrix, who was from Seattle, is dead -1 Seattle

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam didn’t raise the non-existent New England flag -1 New England

Alice In Chains played the halftime show at the NFC Championship +1 Seattle

Queen wasn’t at the AFC Championship in New England, singing “Under Pressure(d)” [think about it] -1 New England

I’m tired of Boston still playing the lovable loser card after 8 championships in 4 sports in 10 years -1 New England

Starbucks coffee -1 Seattle

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee +1 New England

Invented vocabulary word: Gronk (n., v., adj., adv.) +1 New England

Invented vocabulary word: Venti -1 Seattle

Richard Sherman, he’s really smart +1 Seattle

The Legion of Boom shtick is getting way old -1 Seattle

Seattle lost an NBA team to freakin’ Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA! -1 Seattle

The NFL is trying to restore credibility by focusing on inflated footballs and not deflated craniums +1 New England sympathy

Belichick might have rigged Deflate-gate as a ‘they don’t respect us’ distraction -0.5 New England

…if he did, that’s some next-level shit-stirring +1.5 New England (conditional)

Tedy Bruschi is overrated and can die in a telestrator accident -1 New England

Paul Allen +1 Seattle


So… go Pats, I guess.