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I’m going to relaunch this site as an aggregator for stories that you should probably read. Politics, longform pieces, cultural stuff and other weird things I’ve come upon.

Let’s start with this… Non-timewasting timewasters.

A great video, very dryly funny in that Canadian ‘I’m kidding but I’m not’ way about the physics and engineering of the Speed Kills myth. (link)

Non-relevant relevant quote: “I’ll assume this isn’t a fart joke or a Hitler reference, but with the Germans you’re never quite sure”.

Speaking of farts:

Anyone who thinks data isn’t important isn’t looking in the right place. Fivethirtyeight.com, founded by stats guru Nate Silver and usually known for being very accurate in election calls, has put data to a new use: answering science questions from toddlers.

Today’s question: How big is a fart?

Kill Your Idols

In the mood to be depressed? Here’s a truth-bomb down your chimney. tl/dr: we’re all problematic, at best.

The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson – not exactly the benevolent slaveholder

Your legal guide to getting arrested

This might prove useful at some point. (link)

Why might you get arrested? Because your kids left pot brownies in your car and you thought you were stealing their snacks and ate four. (via 538)

An Omaha man ate four brownies that turned out to be pot brownies his kid left in the back of the car. According to a report in the Omaha World-Herald, the police were called after he started freaking out — understandable after Maureen Dowd-ing — and paramedics said he’d be fine. The man is on record as saying incredibly rude things to his cat before taking a nap. This is the greatest news story ever. [Omaha World-Herald]

The Trump campaign reset in animated GIF form


If you really need to know where the picture of the exploding sewage truck came from…. (link)