China blog

From June 24th until July 4, 2013, my wife and I took a trip to China. What follows is my account of that trip.

Pre-trip: Forest City Regional greets their Chinese counterparts at PS159 in Beijing

China part 1: 2 days getting there – flights, layovers and delays

China part 2: Zhengzhou, agreements, lunch that looks back at you, and dressing like the emperor

China part 3: Bullet Trains, Luoyang, the nature of power, and the Longmen Grottoes

China part 4: The Shaolin Temple, and the near-certain chance of death on Chinese roads

China part 5: open house, new friends, (another) formal dinner and the pool in another dimension

China part 6: The Terracotta Army and the ancient city of Xi’an

China part 7: Construction and veneer, American fast food and the idea of supersize, chopsticks as dietary aide, pollution and toilets

China part 8: a visit to PS 159, high school education in China, expensive sea slugs and guys who balance big pots on their heads

China part 9: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, street life at night in Beijing, scorpions and giant black spiders for sale. To eat.

China part 10: flight home, another thunderstorm delay for 2 hours and 45 minutes because the Chinese government isn’t very flexible

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